The Czinger 21C 3D-printed hypercar changes how cars are built

The Czinger 21C isn’t just another boutique hypercar. It demonstrates a new way of building cars. The 21C’s 3D-printed construction does away with tooling, assembly lines, and all the other expensiverappings of traditional automotive manufacturing.

Almost every metal component in the 21C (the name stands for “21st Century”) is 3D printed, Jens Sverdrup, Czinger chief commercial officer, told Apex One in a recent video interview. Those parts are made from a mix of aluminum, titanium, and Inconel–a heat-resistant material originally developed for use in the aerospace industry.

Instead of mating those components together on a traditional assembly line, everything is done by robots in one central location. This means the Czinger factory won’t have to be reconfigured to switch to a different model, Jon Gunner, Czinger chief technical officer, said.

Czinger 21C

That may be fine for a low-volume hypercar, but these production techniques aren’t practical for mass-market vehicles. Titanium

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Should You Buy the Diesel in a 1500 Series Truck?

Chevy’s base engine for the Silverado is a 4.3-liter V6 with a maximum towing capacity of 7,900 pounds and an EPA estimate of 17 mpg combined (16 city/21 highway). As with Ford, Chevy has several optional gasoline engines to choose from.

The Silverado’s diesel is a turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder and is rated to tow a maximum of 9,300 pounds. That’s the lowest number of the three trucks by a pretty large margin. Unfortunately, you can’t get the diesel on the base-level Work Truck trim like you can with the Ram — the lowest trim level you can get the diesel with is the mid-level LT. On that trim level, the base engine is the 2.7-liter four-cylinder, and the cost to upgrade to the diesel is an additional $3,890. The EPA estimate for the Chevy’s diesel is 27 mpg combined (23 city/33 highway).

That’s the biggest fuel economy difference of the

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In Photos: Every Would-Be 2020 Geneva Auto Show Debut

The 2020 Geneva Auto Show didn’t happen. The Palexpo convention center in Switzerland sat empty, partly populated by boxes of stage equipment and show-stand materials but devoid of journalists, automakers, and—most important—new cars and concepts. Thanks, novel coronavirus. Even without a common physical venue, which was canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus spreading around the globe, automakers pressed forward with the debuts and reveals they had planned for Geneva anyway, showing off their wares virtually.

Some, like BMW, staged livestream press conferences to debut their cars, while other companies simply shot photos and information into the digital ether for us to grab. While a few new cars, SUVs, and concepts originally planned for the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) may still yet break cover, there’s plenty to see right now. Scroll on for everything the 2020 Geneva Auto Show had to (or was supposed to) offer, in photos,

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