Formula One Australian Grand Prix cancelled due to coronavirus

Update: The opening round of the Formula One world championship was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

The FIA and Formula One officials announced Thursday that it would cancel the season opener of the F1 world championship.

McLaren said early Thursday it would skip this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix due to the discovery of a member of its F1 team who has tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus. The team member already self-isolated after experiencing initial symptoms of the virus and will now be treated by local healthcare authorities.

The BBC reported on air that drivers Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, and Lewis Hamilton refused to race in the grand prix before it was canceled by officials.

At least four other people participating in the race have been tested after showing symptoms, all of them from Haas. At the time of writing, the team is yet to provide an update on the

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Best Hybrid SUVs: Top-Rated Hybrid SUVs for 2020

Best Hybrid SUVs and Crossovers for 2020

On paper, a hybrid SUV sounds ideal. A car with a roomy interior, SUV versatility and fuel-thrifty ways? Sign us up.

The reality is a bit more complicated. Since SUVs sit higher off the ground, they create more aerodynamic drag than sleek hybrid hatchbacks like the Toyota Prius that can achieve 50 mpg. Finding space for a hybrid battery pack, especially in an SUV that also needs to offer all-wheel drive, presents an additional challenge for automakers. Rear-seat and cargo space often suffer as a result. And while interest in hybrids tends to rise along with fuel prices, regular crossovers generally tend to offer a more affordable alternative without sacrificing much fuel efficiency.

Accordingly, there are only a few good picks among mainstream models that start at less than $40,000, and only a handful more at the luxury level. But whether you’re looking

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Want to See Classic Cars in Britain? Head to the Bicester Scramble

Goodwood Festival of Speed. The British Motor Museum, Gaydon. Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb. A track day at Silverstone. Now you can add another quintessentially British automotive experience to your bucket list: The Bicester Scramble.

The what? Think of it as a British version of Woodward Dream Cruise meets Monterey Car Week. Except this one happens four times a year and attracts more than 6,000 pre-1990 vehicles a time, ranging from classic British iron and iconic Italian supercars to Japanese rarities and glittery Americana. Along with that comes a stunning assortment of automotive oddballs and curiosities of all shapes and sizes. Oh, and it’s held on an old British airbase straight out of central casting, one that looks like it should still have Spitfires bouncing across the grass.

The Bicester (pronounced bisster) Scramble is run by Bicester Heritage, the brainchild of Dan Geoghegan, a corporate finance and venture capital specialist who

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