Jay Leno goes on patrol in a 1966 Dodge Coronet police car

Quite a few police cars have been featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. Jay previously drove a 1961 Dodge Polara that served with the California Highway Patrol. This time, he’s looking at a another ’60s Dodge patrol car.

“This is the car that was around when I was a kid, that always struck fear when you saw it in the rearview mirror,” Jay says of this 1966 Dodge Coronet police car.

“It got the job done,” responds Fred Iversen, the car’s owner and a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff. Iversen drove these cars when they were new.

It’s easy to get nostalgic about cars like the Coronet today, but in the 1960s they were simply tools to be used and abused. Like modern police cars, the Coronets were kept in service for a relatively short period of time (about two years), but they racked up a lot of miles.

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Automakers Mobilize to Fight COVID-19

The last time the world faced a global threat on the level of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, it was the 1940s. As part of America’s World War II effort, the auto industry shut down car production to build planes, tanks, jeeps and myriad other tools of battle. Almost 80 years later, automakers are once again answering the call. Here is how some automakers plan to help over the coming months. Edmunds will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

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Self-Quarantine On The Best Roads in America

If cabin fever is starting to set in, we’d like to remind you of a great way to keep a six-foot distance between yourself and your fellow humans: Go take a solo drive. In our travels we’ve found some of the best roads in America, and this list has half a dozen of our favorites—roads that are not only challenging, but not overly crowded, even when people aren’t sheltering in place.

A little conscience-clearing disclaimer: If your locality is restricting non-essential travel, please obey those mandates. Also, don’t drive like a loon. Emergency services folks have more important things to do than peel you off a tree and treat you for blunt-force trauma.

Remember, you don’t have to drive at crazy speeds to have a good time—take it slow, concentrate on your technique, and enjoy the scenery and the solitude.

When the time comes to wring

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