Apple-liveried Porsche 935 replica for sale for $499,000

Of the many memorable Porsche racing liveries, the Apple colors are among the rarest, as they were only used during the 1980 season. If a Martini or Gulf car seems too common, and you have half a million dollars to spare, this replica of the Apple-sponsored Porsche 935 is currently for sale on DuPont Registry (and first spotted by The Verge).

The car in question is a replica of a 1979 Porsche 935 K3, the model that originally wore the Apple livery. This isn’t the actual Apple car or an actual 935, though. The original currently resides in the collection of comedian Adam Carolla.

The replica is made from valuable components. It has a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged flat-6 engine based on the 993-generation Porsche 911 GT2 motor, tuned to produce more than 700 horsepower, according to the listing. The car also has 993 rear suspension, grafted onto what was originally

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Best AWD Sedans: Top-Rated All-Wheel-Drive Sedans for 2020

Best AWD Sedans for 2020

If you’re looking for the unsung hero of mixed-weather driving, look no further than the all-wheel-drive sedan. Part of the appeal of SUVs has always been the feeling of safety they impart, especially when conditions get dicey. But AWD sedans can provide the same year-round security without compromising on handling, ride comfort or fuel economy. In fact, in some AWD sedans, the extra traction provides a boost to handling, making them even more engaging and enjoyable on your favorite roads.

To help you narrow your search for your next car, we’ve compiled a list of all-wheel-drive sedans that earned high marks from our automotive experts. At Edmunds, we put every car we rate through a rigorous testing process that involves both objective tests conducted at our test track and a subjective evaluation on our 115-mile real-world testing loop. Based on our testing, here are the

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Spec Out Your Own Automobile All-Star with These Coloring Book Pages

During our All-Stars testing, we evaluate the year’s best cars on the track and on the street, choosing the ones that speak to our souls as enthusiasts as the winners. It’s the highlight of the calendar for our staff, and we’re always trying to find ways to bring some of that All-Stars magic into our lives throughout the rest of the year. To share the enthusiasm, we give you this opportunity to take the All-Stars into your own hands with these coloring book pages of our winners.

(Re)Meet the All-Stars


However, if none of those colors tickled your fancy, now you have the chance to paint any of our winners however you’d like, even if it’s paint to sample, a classic racing livery, or a wild color scheme of your own imagining. Print any of these images for your kids (or yourself!) to imagine

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Audi gives up on Level 3 autonomous driver-assist system in A8

Audi is giving up on its most advanced driver-assist system. The German automaker will no longer add its Traffic Jam Pilot system to the A8 sedan in Europe or anywhere else in the world, Automotive News Europe reported Tuesday.

It’s now too late to add the system to the current-generation A8, as the car is already well into its lifecycle, Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, Audi head of technical development, said in an interview with the publication. The A8 debuted in 2017 and is scheduled to get a mid-cycle refresh next year.

Never offered in the United States, Traffic Jam Pilot is considered a Level 3 system on the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) autonomy scale. The SAE considers Level 3 to be “conditions; autonomy,” meaning a system has a degree of automation in specific situations, but must still be monitored by a human driver.

However, in Europe, the Level 3 system would

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Best Small SUVs: Top-Rated Compact SUVs for 2020

Best Small SUVs for 2020

Small SUVs have exploded in popularity over the past few years, even though they are usually more expensive than comparable hatchbacks or sedans. It’s easy to see why, considering they provide a commanding view of the road ahead and a more spacious cargo area than traditional cars, as well as available all-wheel drive. This irresistible blend of visibility and utility, with a little rugged styling thrown in, makes compact and subcompact SUVs appealing to a wide range of new-car shoppers.

Determining which small SUV is right for you can be tough since there are dozens of models to consider. That’s why the Edmunds experts rate and review every SUV on the market — so you don’t have to. Based on our own vehicle testing, we’ve put together this guide to help you narrow down your search for the best small SUV.

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This Mercedes Unimog U500 Is a Monster Overlanding Machine

You might be currently thinking one of these three questions: “What is that thing?” or “Where do you take that thing?” or “What’s in the back?” The short answers: John Marshall’s 2005 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U500 expedition camper; everywhere; and everything.

The Unimog in general still manages to give many people a case of the verklempts, simply because the vehicle has remained a rare breed to find on the trail (not to mention on the street). But as Marshall pointed out, the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U500 is perhaps the most advanced and capable off-road vehicle ever made, with three locking differentials and three transfer-case ratios to select at the touch of a finger. First gear in low range is so low—at well over 4,000:1—it will move about 40 inches per minute at redline rpm.

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