Volvo to integrate lidar sensors into roofs in 2022

Volvo will offer roof-mounted lidar sensors in production cars beginning in 2022, the automaker said in a press release Wednesday. Volvo views this as a stepping stone to potential future self-driving cars.

The lidar sensors will be provided by Luminar, the Silicon Valley firm Volvo has been funding since 2018. The two companies will work more closely together to get Luminar’s sensors ready for mass production, Volvo said, adding that the automaker may increase its minority stake in Luminar.

“The partnership will deliver Volvo’s first fully self-driving technology for highways and paves the way for future active safety developments,” Volvo said.

Lidar, which works similar to radar but uses light instead of radio waves, is considered by most automakers and tech companies to be crucial to self-driving cars. Most prototype autonomous cars currently allowed to test on public roads use lidar in combination with radar and cameras.

Volvo Luminar

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Best Trucks for Towing: Top-Rated Trucks for 2020

While many SUVs can handle moderate towing work, pickup trucks are the best vehicles for pulling truly heavy loads. Rugged body-on-frame construction gives pickups the strength to transport boats, trailers and campers without breaking a sweat. If you’re shopping for the best pickup trucks for towing, Edmunds has you covered, whether you’re looking for a midsize, large or heavy-duty workhorse.

Midsize pickups are generally good for smaller camper trailers, while large trucks can handle larger campers and heavy trailers. However, if you need to tow horse trailers or want the stability that a fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch provides, you’ll have to upgrade to a heavy-duty truck.

Each truck model is sold in a variety of cab, bed length, powertrain and axle-ratio configurations. We recommend consulting the manufacturers’ towing guides to make sure the truck you’re considering meets your needs.

Best Trucks for Towing for 2020

Edmunds rates trucks in the

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Future Vacation Tip: How to Rent a Motorcycle in Japan

We love visiting Japan, and Mount Fuji, in particular, is quite a breathtaking sight. And for people who love to drive or ride, the roads around Japan’s tallest peak are incredible. The active volcano is about 62 miles southwest of Tokyo, and when you visit, you get the best views of it from the north. Remember that Route 413 in Sagamihara is one of the best and most scenic roads to get there from the big city—and traversing it via motorcycle is an experience not to be forgotten. Here’s a quick guide on how to rent a motorcycle in Japan, something we did not long ago.

Don’t Forget Your International Driving Permit

If you want to rent a motorcycle in Japan, or rent a car if you’re not an experienced rider, don’t fret. Both are easy to do in Japan; the most important thing you need to remember is to

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