Porsche Track Precision App expands its virtual driving coach functionality

If you can’t hire a driving coach, the Porsche Track Precision App can help improve your driving through data analysis. The latest version of the free app can now be displayed through a car’s infotainment screen, Porsche announced in a press release Thursday.

The app previously worked only on smartphones, but version 3.2 can be projected onto a Porsche’s Porsche Communication Management infotainment system via Apple CarPlay so drivers don’t have to squint at a phone screen to read data traces.

Porsche also added 100 pre-programmed racetracks, bringing the total number of tracks available on the app to more than 300. Drivers can also record video and data for tracks on their own.

“Using the Porsche Track Precision App, sports car drivers can improve their performance when driving on the circuit, while also documenting and plotting their success,” Porsche brand ambassador and racing driver Jorg Bergmeister said in a statement.

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The Ugliest Coupes of All Time, Part 1

Coupes are traditionally the more attractive alternative to dumpier-looking sedans, but not every automotive designer in history received this memo. Witness this group of homely two doors, which for clarity’s sake we’ve restricted to those with rear seats and either a fastback hatch or conventional trunk. (Hideous two-seaters and two-door traditional hatchbacks will have to wait a minute for their time to shine.) While these are far from the only unattractive coupes ever produced, they’re certainly among the ugliest to ever leave a factory.

Datsun F-10

Datsun’s F-10 enters the U.S. market in the late 1970s. Although no F-10 model is particularly pretty, the car’s two-door fastback body style is especially difficult on the eyes. Blame a frumpy-looking rear hatch reminiscent of a Porsche 924’s in the worst way possible, as well as ungainly looking head- and taillight housings, unattractive bumpers, and too-small wheels and tires

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