Colin Chapman’s Lotus Esprit is for sale

A Lotus Esprit formerly owned by company founder Colin Chapman is up for sale through British dealer Mark Donaldson.

As detailed by Motor Sport, the car is a 1981 Series 3 Turbo model with some modifications specified by Chapman, including power steering and a pollen filter to help alleviate his hay fever. The car rides on a lowered suspension, with modified bodywork to reduce wind noise, according to the seller.

This car is one of approximately 143 Turbo Esprits with a dry sump engine oiling system for the engine, which was blue printed.

Chapman’s car is a 1980s throwback, with “Turbo Esprit” graphics and stripes, red pleated upholstery, and a roof-mounted Panasonic RM 610 stereo.

In addition to Chapman, the Esprit had at least one other notable driver. In August 1981, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher briefly drove the car around Norfolk Airport, with Chapman in the passenger

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Best Muscle Cars: The Top 10 Muscle Cars of Today

It’s a tie of two cars that, at first glance, shouldn’t even be here. Why is it a tie? Well, both the Mercedes and the Audi make gobs of power and are far faster than anything so big has any right to be. Why is something so big and luxurious even on the muscle car list? Time for another history trip.

In the muscle car era, the big engines that went into the midsize cars came out of full-size cars. Those Chrysler 300s and huge-cube Cadillacs were surprisingly powerful. The E 63 S and S8 have some of that big-car mojo. Also, there were wagon versions of some of the popular body styles back in the day, and you can get a wagon version of the Mercedes. A fast wagon, or even a fast full-size, is a surprise to the competition. They’re sleepers, which everyone knows is the coolest relative

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Isuzu’s Secret History: F1 Engines, Supercar Concepts, and More

When was the last time you thought about Isuzu? If you live in the U.S.A., it’s probably been quite a while since that Japanese automaker has crossed your mind; the last Isuzu passenger vehicle sold in America got its tags in 2009. Don’t worry, though—Isuzu is doing fine without us, as one of the largest suppliers of commercial diesel engines, trucks, and buses globally. Isuzu also still sells passenger trucks and SUVs in other markets.

Even when it was still selling cars here, Isuzu wasn’t exactly the most exciting or evocative automaker—at least, not toward the end of its U.S. presence. While other Japanese manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Nissan made huge inroads in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, Isuzu didn’t really start to pick up until the 1980s, and by then it had very strong competition from the aforementioned Japanese superstars, with little in the way of

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