The second-gen Porsche Cayenne turbodiesel makes an excellent off-roader

Most Porsche Cayennes spend their lives in shopping mall parking lots and Starbucks drive-thrus, but they were built for more. The Cayenne has serious off-road potential, as this build from E-Motion Engineering demonstrates.

Detailed in a video from Hoonigan AutoFocus (via Motor1), this Cayenne is a second-generation model with the turbodiesel engine. The engine is largely untouched, although the exhaust system’s muffler was removed to improve departure angles off-road.

Not surprisingly, aftermarket off-road parts for the Cayenne were limited, so E-Motion had to rely on custom fabrication. The Cayenne sports custom bumper guards and rock rails, which are tied into the vehicle’s structure. The pieces were designed not only to protect against damage, but to serve as anchor points for recovery gear. A 3/16-inch aluminum skid plate protects the Cayenne’s belly.

E-Motion Engineering Porsche Cayenne screenshot

Other modifications include a roof rack, hitch-mounted, swinging, spare-tire carrier, and a

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Best Off-Road Trucks: Top-Rated Trucks for 2020

Top Truck Features for Off-Roading

It’s fair to say that hardcore off-roading vehicles are equipped with four-wheel drive that includes low-range gearing, as opposed to all-wheel-drive without the 4-Lo option. The differences mean a lot when you’re deep into off-road territory, and having four-wheel drive can significantly decrease your likelihood of getting stuck. For all the details on the differences between four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive, check out our exhaustive AWD vs. 4WD breakdown.

Along with four-wheel drive, tire choice is very important when you explore the great outdoors, with knobby all-terrain tires allowing for more grip in rocky, muddy and just generally slippery situations. These off-road-focused tires will decrease fuel economy a bit, but they’ll provide much more capability when you need it the most. Every truck on our list comes with four-wheel drive and off-road-oriented tires, which helps cement their status as dedicated off-road vehicles. Most trucks on our list

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Rare Photos of the Olds Rocket 88-Powered Mysterion by Ed Roth

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “Big Daddy” Ed Roth built the fun stuff. The sort of wild and whimsical cars that tickled the fancy and pickled a kid’s imagination for life. Back in the day when Roth was at the peak of his artistic career, creating cars such as the Mysterion, we were all snot-nosed little kids, and it was square to call him “Big Daddy” Ed Roth—simply “Big Daddy” Roth or just “Big Daddy” was how the cool guys said it.

Today, Roth’s Mysterion exists mostly in the memories of those who saw it in person. Fortunately, Jeffery Jones, a guy who’s as much a madman artist as Roth himself, re-created the Mysterion. In fact, the image above is of Jones’s Mysterion. There’s no doubt Jones is the world’s leading authority on Roth’s legendary twin-engined custom car.

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