Armored Infiniti QX80 is ready to patrol war zones

Canadian firm Inkas has built yet another armored car. The company previously added armor to vehicles like the Lincoln Navigator and Mercedes-Benz G-Class, but if those titanic trucks aren’t your style, Inkas now has similar upgrades for the Infiniti QX80.

The armored Infiniti features bullet-resistant glass and other unspecified reinforcements that give it 360-degree perimeter protection of the passenger compartment and allows it to stop some 7.62 mm assault-rifle rounds, which qualifies it for BR6 armor protection level. The SUV can also withstand the blast of two hand grenades detonated simultaneously, according to Inkas. If that’s something you have to worry about, maybe it’s best to just stay home.

The QX80 also gets reinforced suspension to deal with the extra weight of the armor (a lighter-weight version is also available), as well as run-flat tires and protection for the battery and electronic control unit.

Inkas armored Infiniti QX80

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2016 Tesla Model X Long-Term Road Test

2016 Tesla Model X: Wrap-Up

by Edmunds

We spent 20 months with a 2016 Tesla Model X. Read all about the ups and downs, and sideways, of owning the electric SUV.

See full article and comment.

2016 Tesla Model X: Selling Process

by Ronald Montoya, Senior Consumer Advice Editor

2017 Tesla Model X

The resale value of electric vehicles has a notorious reputation for sinking like a stone in water. The incentives to buy are geared toward the first owner; there are still questions about the long-term durability of EV batteries; and overall used-car shoppers are more focused on finding a vehicle that will fit their family needs than reducing their carbon footprint.

I had all that in mind when I took our 2016 Tesla Model X to CarMax for an appraisal.

We typically start at the used-car store whenever we sell a car from the fleet. It’s fast and easy and gives us

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Take a Look at the Ugliest Cars of the 2010s

History will undoubtedly look back on the 2010s as a golden age for the automobile: Cars became more powerful while also becoming more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. Design, too, hit a high point in many ways, as cars shed the anonymous blobbiness of the early 2000s and some real rock-star designers emerged. But every silver lining has a cloud, and we saw some horrifically ugly cars in the previous decade. Here are the ones we think are the worst offenders.

2010 GMC Terrain

What separates SUVs from a wagons? Or a good-looking cars from ugly cars? Apparently, it’s fenders. Back in 2010 you could draw no other conclusion from the plethora of black-plastic wheel-arch extensions that separated wagons from SUVs. That must have been GMC’s thinking when it developed the squared-off monstrosity known as the Terrain, which echoed the blocky shapes of the Sierra pickup

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