2021 Chevrolet Colorado preview

The Chevrolet Colorado is getting its mid-cycle refresh for the 2021 model year, a look we first saw with an appearance of the enthusiast-friendly ZR2 model at last November’s SEMA aftermarket show in Las Vegas.

This refresh is a largely cosmetic affair, with exterior tweaks to further differentiate the trims and the off-road-spec Z71 and ZR2 models getting the most attention. A new Custom Special Edition is offered, and an 8.0-inch touchscreen becomes standard on all but the base WT model.

The ZR2’s look is most changed, and it was clearly influenced by the range-topping Bison. A new, punched-out front bumper greatly expands the blackout elements of the ZR2’s nose, and it’s the only model to wear the “Chevrolet” grille crossbar rather than the bowtie found on other trims. It also now has red front tow hooks standard.

Chevy also says the ZR2’s new look improves forward visibility, but

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Chevrolet Teaches You Technical Stuff: Vintage Video Double Feature

It’s really a shame that YouTube didn’t exist 85 years ago, because back then, Chevrolet was all about explaining stuff. It made a decidedly non-metric ton of films with the Jam Handy organization (oh, do we love that name) covering everything from dealer sales training to straight-up promotion of new Chevrolet models. Among our favorites are the films where they explained how stuff worked, for which they built some rather nifty demonstration models. Some of the technologies explained are, obviously, outdated; I think we can all live our lives without an intimate familiarity with the knee-action independent front suspension. But a lot of the seemingly simplest bits of our cars are the most difficult to figure out, and Chevy had some great explanations, with great visual demonstrations, too.

Around the Corner (1937)

I think we all know what a differential looks like, but actually figuring out what all

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