Audi may bring its rear-wheel-drive R8 to the US as a 2021 model

The rear-wheel drive Audi R8 went from a limited edition to a permanent fixture in the lineup, but it is not currently sold in the United States. That may be about to change.

EPA fuel-economy listings show the rear-wheel drive Audi R8 as a 2021 model. Listings for “2WD” versions of the 2021 R8 coupe and Spyder appear online alongside the all-wheel drive models. An EPA listing doesn’t necessarily mean a model will come but it’s a pretty good indicator.

We reached out to Audi for comment, and a spokesman declined to make a statement.

In case you were wondering, the EPA listings show slightly better gas mileage for the rear-wheel drive variants. The rear-wheel drive models are both listed at 17 mpg combined (14 mpg city, 23 mpg highway), compared to 16 mpg combined (13 mpg city, 20 mpg highway) for the all-wheel drive models.

Note that this is

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2017 Honda CR-V Long-Term Road Test

2017 Honda Clarity: Wrap-Up

by Will Kaufman, Content Strategist

At long, long last, we bid adieu to our 2017 Honda CR-V, the SUV that put the “long-term” into “long-term test.” This particular vehicle started at Edmunds the month after I did, way back in March 2017, and since then at least one of us has proven ourself practical and utilitarian — a favorite companion for co-workers who just need something done right.

The other one of us has proven that eating a sushi burrito for lunch every day will not, in fact, kill you.

So it’s apt that I get to write this send-off, after 40,000 miles and more CR-V posts than anyone anywhere has ever wanted. And a lot of sushi burritos.

Read on for all of the details.

See full article and comment.

2017 Honda CR-V: Monthly Update for September 2019

by Will Kaufman, Content Strategist and News

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15 Strange Targa-Top Cars You Forgot About

The introduction of the new 2021 Porsche 911 Targa got us thinking about other targa-top cars. Technically, they can’t be called targas, since Porsche owns the term as a trademark. But there are plenty of vehicles that use what is widely called the targa top, with the rear window-frame fixed in place and a removable roof panel above the passenger compartment. Here are 15 cars with targa tops you might have forgotten about—or might not have known about at all.  

Acura NSX-T

The first-generation Acura NSX was a car for the ages—an affordable supercar from the manufacturer least likely to produce something so extravagant. Even today, 30 years after its introduction, the original NSX is still a shockingly good car to drive. The year 1995 saw the introduction of the NSX-T version, with a 19-pound aluminum lid that could be removed and stored between the

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