400-mph Bonneville land-speed streamliner for sale on Bring a Trailer

If your post-quarantine travel plans include a trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats, you might want to check Bring a Trailer, where a land-speed streamliner is currently up for auction.

Built to its current specifications in 2009, the streamliner achieved a flying-mile speed of more than 400 mph at Bonneville in 2010, according to the listing. The racer was built in 1995 as a 27-foot streamliner by Ron Fjastad of Full Bore Race Products. It changed hands a few times before being rebuilt with its current 39-foot bodywork.

The original build utilized the drop tank from a McDonnell F-101 Voodoo fighter jet for the nose cone and portions of the bodywork, according to the listing, but the body has been heavily modified since then. The car rides on steel wheels, with the front wheels mounted in-line to reduce frontal area.

Land-speed streamliner for sale on Bring a Trailer


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Automobile’s Staff Picks Its Dream Cars

Welcome to first installment of Automobile‘s “Million Dollar Challenge,” where each week one of our staffers creates their personal list of dream cars. The rules are simple: What would you buy if you were today handed $1 million and ordered to spend it on nothing but automobiles? We’ll each select at least five of our lifelong dream cars, rather than copping out and blowing the entire imaginary wad on a single million-dollar car, because what fun would that be? However, not every car must be a six-figure collector’s item, either. Up first is staff editor Conner Golden, who throws the latter allowance out the window:

Boy, this sure was an easy write-up. Chronic daydreaming about your ideal super dream-car garage has to be one of the most widespread commonalities between enthusiasts, so breaking down my $1,000,000 binge was as simple as writing up a shopping list for the week’s

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