Rimac using self-driving tech to develop track coaching

The Rimac C_Two battery-electric hypercar will use autonomous-driving tech to coach drivers on track days. While Rimac previously mentioned the tech, this video provides more detail on just how it works.

Dubbed Rimac Driver Coach, the feature will help drivers who have the money to buy a supercar but lack the skills to get the most out of it on a track. The system acts as a “guardian angel,” allowing drivers to push the limits while still maintaining a safety net, CEO Mate Rimac said.

The company developed most of the hardware and software for the system in-house, but did use an Nvidia Pegasus computer similar to what other companies use in their prototype self-driving cars. For development work, the company equipped Kia Stingers (Rimac and Hyundai Kia have a tie-up) with the same sensor suite it plans to use in the C_Two. That includes nine cameras, six

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Vintage Video Malaise Era Shopping and Shipping

Ah, the 1970s, that horrible era when automakers transitioned from muscle-era glory to malaise-era crap. Today we’ve dug up two videos from this era of awful transition. One is about your depressing shopping choices, and the other about what it took to get those miserable cars into the showroom.

Chrysler’s Dart and Duster vs. Nova and Maverick (1974)

A time traveler looking to buy a new car would have a hard time picking a lousier year than 1974. The oil embargo and subsequent fuel crises of late 1973 and early 1974 had shell-shocked customers and flash-frozen muscle car sales. Detroit’s clumsy response to new emissions standards meant that horsepower dropped rapidly, and even brand-new cars were hard to start and would stumble when cold. Americans wanted small cars, but Detroit had lots of big cars. How would the Big Three cope?

This ten-minute film will give you some idea. Set

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