Next Nissan Z sports car’s taillights inspired by Z32 300ZX

Nissan is set to preview the design of its next-generation Z sports car with the reveal of a prototype later this month, but the automaker has already been dropping some major clues.

In August we got a look at the car’s silhouette and signature of its daytime running lights in a shadowy teaser video, and now Nissan’s design chief, Alfonso Albaisa, has shown a sketch of the car’s rear three-quarter view on his Instagram page.

What stands out most is the rectangular panel spanning the rear, which encloses a pair of horizontal light strips that form the taillight clusters. The design is a clear nod to the Z32 300ZX (shown below) launched in 1989.

This ties in with information revealed by dealer sources in January, that the new Z, the Z35 generation, would feature retro styling inspired by the original 240Z for the front and the Z32 300ZX at

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Our Editors Fill Their Dream-Car Garages

Welcome to the latest installment and chapter seven of Automobile’s “Million Dollar Challenge,” wherein each member of our staff curates their dream-car collection. The basic rules: Someone hands you $1 million to spend, with a catch—you blow it on nothing but filling your dream garage with cars you’ve always wanted. We won’t blow the entire imaginary bundle on one or two ultra-pricy choices, because what fun would that be? This week, it’s Automobile online editor Ed Tahaney’s turn to fill his dream garage:

You know, an imaginary $1 million doesn’t seem to go very far for a garage filled with the cars I’ve always wanted to own. Still it’s a super start to acquire a small fleet of dream machines. I’d really love to own a late 1950s BMW 507 or late 1960s Toyota 2000GT, but you can’t buy either for a million bucks, so I had to cut them

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