These Three 2021 Ford Bronco Features Are Pointless and Here’s Why

The obvious reason is that not having doors takes away a fair bit of side-impact protection. It also makes it easy for stuff, like the jacket you put on the back seat, to simply blow out of your vehicle. Thirdly, where do you put them? The new Bronco does have nifty covers for your disembodied doors along with space to store them on board, whereas the Jeep Wrangler makes you leave them at home, or perhaps hidden in the brush by the side of the trailhead. But the Bronco’s doors will take up your entire cargo area, meaning your personal effects will need to go in the back seat, which, thanks to your decision to remove the doors, doesn’t have any doors. As a fringe benefit of taking off your doors when you go off-roading, you and your passengers can look forward to getting smacked and scratched by brush and

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New track star on the final stretch

Porsche has reached the home stretch in the development of the track-ready 911 GT3 based on the latest 992-generation 911

A glimpse of the car appeared in January in Porsche’s Super Bowl LIV spot and soon the last of the camouflage gear you see here will come off.

We know this prototype is for the GT3 because of signature elements like the dual-exhaust tips mounted at the center of the rear fascia, plus the center-lock wheels and huge carbon-ceramic brake rotors. The prototype also features the 992 generation’s sexy wide body shared with the recently launched 911 Turbo S.

We can also see that the front fascia sports larger intakes to those on the entry-level Carrera. And at the rear is an oversized rear wing that will feature a more refined design on the production model, including thinners version of the “swan neck” struts connecting to the top

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