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What is the Maverick?

The Ford Maverick is our best guess at the name of Ford’s newest pickup. Based on the Ford Escape, the Maverick will be a compact truck that slots below the Ranger and F-150 in Ford’s lineup. Its unibody construction differs from the Ranger’s and F-150’s classic body-on-frame construction, which may ultimately put a limit on how much the Maverick can tow and haul. But its crossover backbone will also likely deliver a more comfortable, refined ride than its larger siblings manage. This could make the Maverick a solid choice for buyers who want the versatility of a pickup but don’t need an old-school truck’s absurdly high capabilities.

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Sportier look for compact minivan

BMW is preparing a redesign for its 2-Series Active Tourer compact minivan that was never sold in the United States.

The 2-Series AT was the first BMW to feature front-wheel drive when it arrived in 2014. Given BMW’s traditional product cycle, this redesigned model should be launched sometime next year—and we don’t expect it to reach the U.S., either.

The redesigned 2-Series AT is similar in size to the current model but looks to feature a sleeker, sportier design. The wheelbase also looks to be slightly longer which should result in more interior space. The design is clearly evolutionary but there are some marked changes, like the side mirrors moving to the doors instead of sitting at the base of the A-pillars, and the grille growing in size.

The platform is BMW Group’s front-wheel-drive FAAR design that debuted last year in the redesigned 1-Series hatchback sold overseas and has

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