Jay Leno shows us his 1971 Porsche 911 T

Some classic cars are unfortunate, requiring extensive restorations to be put back on the road, while others are well preserved over the decades. The 1971 Porsche 911 T featured on this episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” falls somewhere in the middle. Leno bought it in largely original condition, but this Porsche still required some TLC.

The car was parked underground at a Beverly Hills condominium in the 1990s and essentially abandoned, Leno explained in an earlier video shot during the 911’s restoration. After the owner died, Leno was offered the car. While it showed over 100,000 miles, Leno was sold on its rust-free bodywork and original paint.

Restoration work included a refresh of the interior, repairs of some crash damage, and some paint touchups (Leno reckons the car still has 80%) of its original paint. That oh-so-1970s shade of brown gives the 911 a clean, original, look on the outside,

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The Mitsubishi Debonair AMG Is an Unusual Japanese-German Mashup

The Mitsubishi Debonair V 3000 Royal AMG is a real AMG—a really different AMG, too. A global blend of Teutonic tuning and Japanese luxury, it may have been the perfect expression of its moment in time. And the epitome of what Japan aspired to be—a builder of world-class luxury automobiles to rival the European elite. And what better way to do that than wrap one of your top offerings in the mystique of a celebrated German tuner?

In 1987, when this AMG-ified Mitsubishi debuted, Japan was thriving. The Bubble Economy, as it’s known, meant automakers were absolutely flush with cash and happy to spend it developing moonshot cars like the Eunos (Mazda) Cosmo, the Acura NSX, the sequential-turbocharged monsters like the Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-7.

A generation beyond the devastation of WWII and the struggle to rebuild, the Japanese public were also

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