2021 Ford Bronco Owners Will Love These Three Features

But we’re not just giving the Bronco’s nav system points for being an OEM setup. Check this out — Ford has also included 1,000 topographic and curated trail maps to help you find your way when you’re off the grid. Another bonus is that Bronco owners will be able to share their navigation routes with others, so that everyone on a trip can be on the same (virtual) page. Or at least so your friends at home can see exactly where you went to get those great Instagram photos.

Cool Colors Are Cool

The 2021 Bronco’s irresistible retro styling wouldn’t work quite as well without colors that match the old-school, slab-sided aesthetic. Thankfully, Ford has come up with quite a palette. Colors including Cactus Gray, Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat (a horrible name for an awesome color) and Velocity Blue pay homage to some of the original Bronco’s colors, such as Arcadian Blue (1966), Chrome Yellow (1967) and Acapulco Blue (1970). We can only hope Ford offers up other colors from the past like Lunar Green (1967), Springtime Yellow (1966) and Hunter Green (1967) in the coming years.

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