Engler FF is a quad bike with an 1,100-horsepower V-10

A new company by the name of Engler has developed a vehicle that doesn’t fit into any existing category.

Called the FF, the new vehicle is a quad bike that packs the performance to rival a hypercar. Yes, steering is done via handle bars, as opposed to a steering wheel.

The Engler FF was first previewed in concept form at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, and has now been shown in production guise for the first time. The production FF will make its formal debut at the Salon Privé Concours d’Elegance running September 22-26 in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

The FF is the brainchild of Viktor Engler, who is originally from Slovakia but now based in the U.K. It’s been a dream of his to build his own car since the age of 10.

His target for the FF was a power to weight ratio of one horsepower for every

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Nissan Z Proto Design: Hot or Not?

Rory Jurnecka, Senior Editor: Hot

After decades of chunky, bloated Z-cars, the Nissan Z Proto design gets back to a profile that more closely echoes the simplicity of the original 240Z. I love the classic styling cues, from the “open” headlights to the creased hood to the little “Z” emblem on the C-pillar. Importantly, the interior looks like more than an afterthought, as it appeared for the last couple of decades. The 370Z promised improvements on the 350Z but failed to deliver on many of them. Let’s hope the production Z-car that comes from the Nissan Z Proto is focused on bringing a lighter, sharper, more engaging driver’s car to market.

Ed Tahaney, Online Editor: More Not Than Hot

A V-6 twin-turbo, six-speed manual—what’s not to love? Well, maybe that horrible hood design, goofy grille, and retro rear end. Pretty bland looks overall for the Proto Z design, but

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S-Class looks and tech in the cards

The current Mercedes-Benz C-Class only underwent its mid-cycle update for 2019 but prototypes for the next-generation model have been testing for a while.

Our latest spy shots and video show some of the more advanced prototypes for the new C-Class which we expect on the market in 2021 as a 2022 model. Prototypes for the C-Class wagon destined for overseas markets are also testing.

The testers are heavily camouflaged but the size and proportions appear similar to those of the current C-Class. The front looks to sit lower however, which lends the redesigned model a sportier stance, and there are clear influences from the redesigned 2021 S-Class, particularly for the headlights.

The interior design will be a lot more radical, with a large infotainment screen similar to the one in the S-Class positioned in the center stack and another screen serving as the instrument cluster. You’ll notice that the

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The Nissan Z: History, Generations, Specifications

Nissan Z-Car Essential History

First Generation (S30)

The decades-long Z-Car legend starts with the original Datsun 240Z, which entered production in October 1969 as a 1970 model year vehicle. Produced as something of a response to Toyota’s 2000 GT sports car, the Yamaha proposal for which was passed over by Nissan before it became a Toyota project, the 240Z would ultimately be far more successful, with more than 160,000 of the two-door, two-seat, rear-drive sports cars sold in just four years of production in the United States. With a 151-horsepower, 2.4-liter, twin-carb, SOHC straight-six engine paired with a four-speed transmission, fully independent suspension, and an affordable $3,526 MSRP, the 240Z was seen as a performance bargain, with 0-to-60 mph times in the 8.0-second range and a 125-mph top speed.

The 240Z was sold in four unofficial series. Series 1 240Zs include the earliest cars built

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale features in “Top Gear” season 29 trailer

Popular car show “Top Gear” is still running and about to start its 29th season in the current format, with hosting duties once again going to Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff.

The first trailer for the new season dropped on the weekend and reveals Ferrari’s new flagship hypercar, the SF90 Stradale, will be starring. Hopefully Harris will be the one taking it for a spin, given his propensity to get cars going sideways.

The hybrid hypercar was originally due to start deliveries this summer but coronavirus disruptions means owners won’t start receiving their cars until the fourth quarter of 2020. We’ll remind you that the reveal took place in May…of 2019.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

The producer of “Top Gear,” the BBC, said the new season is coming soon, though the actual air date for the first episode hasn’t been announced. We also don’t know how

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