Best Luxury Cars – Top-Rated Luxury Cars and SUVs for 2020

Best Luxury Cars for 2020

There are more luxury cars and SUVs available today than ever. What happened? Did most new-car shoppers become unexpectedly affluent overnight? The reality is that carmakers are simply slicing the luxury pie into more pieces, bringing formerly no-frills vehicles such as subcompact SUVs and even full-size trucks into the fold. Across the luxury-car spectrum, today’s shoppers will find more comfortable interiors, fancier materials, more advanced infotainment technology, and more driver safety features, all at more affordable prices than would have seemed possible a decade ago.

For this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of today’s top luxury cars spanning all body styles and budgets, from six-figure, 600-plus-horsepower sport sedans to entry-level offerings that provide upscale trimmings at accessible price points. As usual, our selections are powered by the Edmunds’ rigorous vehicle testing program. We test hundreds of vehicles every year on our test track and in the real world. So when we say these are the best luxury cars, we mean they’ve run that gauntlet and come through at the head of the pack.

Luxury-Car Features

The traditional route of automotive technology has been to develop new features for luxury models, testing them out on curious customers of means. Given enough demand, the research and development costs of these technologies can be made back through wider adoption. It’s how features such as automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise have come to be staples on mainstream and luxury cars alike.

But automakers know that luxury-car buyers still want a measure of exclusivity. That’s why you’ll always find more esoteric features that are reserved for the top-shelf models. Features such as massaging seats, head-up displays, sophisticated adaptive suspensions, voice assistants, and self-parking systems are still largely the province of luxury badges. But as these features make their way to mainstream models, automakers will need to innovate further to keep their luxury cars a step ahead.

Luxury-Car Safety Features

Today’s safety features and driver assistance features are rapidly becoming standardized across the industry. Where automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring were once somewhat exotic features, they’re now common on most new cars, or at least readily available options. As these technologies expand, mainstream consumers expect to find them on more affordable cars.

Luxury carmakers such as Mercedes and Volvo have long led the way in innovative safety features, although companies such as Lexus and Audi have made their own contributions. Today you’ll find these carmakers working on next-generation safety tech, such as pedestrian- and cyclist-detection braking as well as self-steering to keep the car in its lane. There are even features such as Acura’s Road Departure Mitigation, which uses a camera to detect objects on the side of the road and help prevent the car from drifting toward them. And pioneering self-driving technologies are available, such as automatic lane changing and lighting features that continuously monitor and supply more light as needed.

Next Steps

Luxury need not be priced out of reach or limited to a specific style of car. Today, automotive luxury can be found in every body style, and at prices that start around $30,000. Given that today’s average car sale is around $35,000, luxury may be more affordable than you think. Of course, it’s easy to spend six figures on a luxury car, but it’s just as easy to spend half that on something roomy and comfortable, with ample performance. Today’s best luxury cars come in enough shapes, sizes and budgets to suit many shoppers’ wants and needs.

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