Best Midsize Sedans: Top-Rated Midsize Cars for 2020

Best Midsize Sedans for 2020

Conventional wisdom has it that today’s car buyers are in full swoon over SUVs, spurning the humble sedan that has served as America’s benchmark family transport for decades. In most cases, the numbers bear this out: SUV sales are climbing, sedan sales falling.

But we’re here to tell you that the sedan is not dead. Not even close. Today’s models offer spacious interiors, impressive fuel economy, and a satisfying blend of comfort, style and control on the road. The best of them are among the most impressive vehicles on the market.

Utility vehicles certainly have their appeal, not least if vast cargo space is a priority. But don’t count out the humble sedan just yet. If you’re shopping for a midsize sedan, let our expert vehicle testers be your guide with this curated list of the best midsize cars on the market.

Midsize cars range from prudent to decadent, from humble commuter appliances to extravagant executive conveyances. How do you find the right model for your life? Based on our proprietary vehicle testing program, we’ve zeroed in on the best midsize cars on sale today.

All of our picks are roomy, all can carry five passengers in comfort, and all offer advanced safety aids. Among our mainstream selections, pricing is another common thread, as only a few thousand dollars separate the base prices of the main rivals.

We’ll start at the more affordable end of the spectrum and get fancier as we go.

Midsize Sedan Features to Consider

Although midsize sedans make up one of the largest car segments in production, most models follow a familiar recipe of features and offerings. In general, you can expect to find a base four-cylinder engine with an optional performance upgrade. At the luxury level, virtually every entrant offers all-wheel drive to entice buyers in harsher climates. A roomy cabin and a rear seat that’s comfortable for large adults are common characteristics. Most midsize sedans will offer sizable trunks with 16 to 18 cubic feet of cargo space, but some trunks are on the smaller side, especially those in hybrid models.

Advanced driver safety aids such as automatic emergency braking have become commonplace, but some automakers limit certain features to higher trim levels. For example, don’t expect adaptive cruise control or blind-spot monitoring to come free with every model. Another thing to keep in mind is that there may be a range of infotainment systems on offer within a given model range, so make sure you check out any differences at the dealership before going with a lower-spec system.

Choosing the Best Midsize Sedan for You

If you’ve chosen a midsize sedan over an SUV, you’ve already addressed some key buying concerns. Sedans get better gas mileage and handle better than SUVs, all else being equal, and there’s something timelessly classy about a sleek sedan parked at the curb. When you’re ready to buy, let Edmunds’ expert reviews guide you to the midsize sedan of your dreams, whether it’s a practical, no-nonsense commuter or an executive-class special with all the trimmings.

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