5 Reasons Why Camping in a Van Is Just the Best

Want to go camping but don’t want to get wet, freeze to death, or be eaten by a bear or other large predator? If you said “yes” to one or all of the above and don’t have room in your driveway for a travel trailer or a bus-sized RV, then camping in a van is definitely for you. Reasonably sized, (relatively) affordable, and definitely not tents, camper vans are roaring into fashion as go-to accessories for adventure seekers. (Cheap options exist, or feel free to spend judiciously for an fully kitted off-road camper that can take you anywhere—either way, we can help you pick!) To show you why, we’ve rounded up our favorite reasons to go camping in a van, “roughing it” while still on four wheels.

1. The World is Your Campground

Let’s face it: A tent is acceptable if you’re holed

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10 Amazing Concept Cars of the 1950s and 1960s

There’s a lot of daydreaming going on these days. Dreams that the pandemic will quickly be quashed. Dreams that the nation, and the world, will quickly return to normal and we can start hanging around in restaurants and bars again, with no threat to our health or that of our neighbors’.

Whenever these dreams become reality again, we’ll get in our cars and SUVs, maybe go for a cruise, and top it off with a big feast with family and friends. Until then, let’s dream of driving a dream car (the ’50s and ’60s name for what are better-known as “concept cars”) on some dreamy outing. These are some the cars we want to drive to get us through, and out of, the pandemic…

  1. 1959-60 XP-74 Cadillac Cyclone

Built on a ’59 Cadillac chassis cut down to two-seat size and powered by a 325-hp, 429-cubic-inch V-8

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2020 Q1 U.S. Car Sales Suffer Due to Coronavirus

After the past two weeks of devastating unemployment claim numbers, one of the latest economic canaries to enter the coronavirus pandemic coal mine are U.S. sales of cars and light trucks. Automakers and auto analysts have been anticipating first quarter 2020 and March numbers, expecting to see sharp drops in sales.

The quarterly sales numbers do not tell the whole story, because car sales were relatively strong in January and February, compared to a year ago. There was even a week or more at the beginning of March before concern over the pandemic took hold, but since then many dealerships have closed, particularly in major metropolitan areas that have issued stay-at-home orders. Some remain open only for parts and service.

If showrooms remain shuttered this month, April-and the entire second quarter—will look much worse.

Cox Automotive estimates a Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate of 15.2 million vehicles sold in the first

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Cool Car Ads from the 1980s in Photos

The 1980s may not have been the best decade for cars—not for starters, at least—but it was a great decade for car ads. The malaise era was drawing to a close and the economy was picking up speed. Cars were getting better, people had money to spend, and automakers were keen to get at those dollars, so they spent lavishly on car magazine ads. But where was the beef? We combed through car magazines from the 1980s looking for gems, and this is what we found.

1980 Chevrolet Citation

Ah, innocence. How sweet it is. This ad was put out in the early days of GM’s infamous X-Cars, when all Chevrolet thought they had to was convince buyers why a compact front-wheel-drive car was a good idea—a challenge, to be sure, but nothing compared to what lay ahead. What the public had yet to realize

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The History and Highlights of Camping In Cars and Vans

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “you can sleep in your car, but you can’t drive your house.” It’s an adage that dates back to the beginning of motoring when Americans made the discovery that they could free themselves from the tight confines of train schedules and begin to explore their beautiful country from behind the wheel of that newfangled invention, the automobile. As long as they didn’t mind leaving the comforts of home behind to embrace the comforts of catnaps in the car.

Since then, many important achievements in the art of car sleeping have been celebrated. Which are our favorites? Check out this list of great moments in vehicular camping history.


Roy A. Faye of Cambridge, Massachusetts, builds a ‘dry-land yacht’ out of a Matheson touring car, which offers four fold-down bunks inside the cabin. It also features extra batteries

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How to Buy the Best Camper Van for Your Needs: Which Conversion Is Best?

The camper van craze is in full swing, and that’s great news if you’re just starting the sample what #vanlife has to offer. With so many companies offering their take on what camping in a van should look like, ranging from bare-bones basics to DIY projects to full-on pro conversions, there’s definitely a vehicle out there that fits your specific needs, budget, and personal taste. Let’s break down the most popular camper van options, from affordable ways to semi-rough it to full-on glamping.

Rooftop Tent

Aside from a sleeping bag under the stars, the simplest way to camp has always been in a tent. Add a van to the equation, and you’re suddenly on top of the world—or at the very least, on the roof of your van, which can provide killer views of the natural splendor around you, decent protection from being flooded out of your pajamas during

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