Best Special Edition Orange Cars

I love the color orange. I especially love a bright shade of that zesty hue when sprayed onto some automotive sheetmetal, though it’s hard to find orange on anything outside of sports and muscle cars. At best, mundane commuters like crossovers and sedans will settle with a deep metallic orange-ish bronze, eschewing bright highlighter-spec or creamsicle oranges.

That’s a shame, considering how good our short-term Kia Stinger GTS looks in Federation Orange. First offered on the 800-unit run of the GTS, this vibrant color is now happily available on regular Stingers in loaded-out GT2 trim. Seeing this sleek four-door liftback swathed in a shade usually reserved for Sunny D got me thinking about the auto industry’s relationship with orange. We’re used to seeing orange on Lambos and Porsche 911s, but what about some of the limited-edition oranges that defined the entire special ordeal?

In no particular order, here are some

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2020 Automobile All-Stars Photo Gallery: Subaru WRX STI S209 vs. Porsche 718 Spyder in Special Edition Face-Off

The automotive industry has done its damnedest to stretch the definition of what constitutes a special edition vehicle. Between limiting it to special colors, wheels, trim pieces, and badging, we’ve lost trust in the vaunted and countless “Special Edition” cars that appear after nearly every auto show. When everything’s special, nothing is.

That’s not to say these are brothers-at-arms. Both fall under the purview of a skunkworks division within their respective automakers, and both are elevated performance variants of existing cars—but both have entirely different end goals and methods of execution.

Porsche is hardly a stranger to the special edition, what with a roster chock-full of ultra-low-production models spanning way back to its founding years in the 1950s. The good news is, Porsche rarely pulls a half-measure when developing these unique models, and the 718 Spyder is hardly an exception.

Developed mostly under the purview of

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2020 Automobile All-Stars: Lamborghini Huracan Evo vs. Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

It’s not all about power—but it plays a big role

The varied field of our 2020 Automobile All-Stars contenders proves we live in very strange automotive times. All of these disparate cars convened on equal proving grounds, each bringing different strengths to the tarmac while remaining quite distinct from each other. All-Stars also created an environment of fundamentally incompatible pairings that slowly—over time—began to make a worrying amount of sense.

Take, for instance, the victory of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 over the Lamborghini Huracan Evo on the All-Stars ballot. The very idea of pitting a Mustang of any caliber against a Lamborghini of the same vintage may seem strange today, but doing so in the 2000s would incite ridicule; in the 1980s you’d run the risk of inviting written death threats; and in the 1960s, you might be committed against your will.

Thank goodness we’ve moved on from those

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2020 Subaru WRX STI S209 Market Watch

Even when parked amongst mid-engined exotica like the Ferrari F8 Tributo, Lamborghini Huracan Evo, and the all-new C8 Corvette, the Subaru WRX STI S209 caused quite a stir among participating judges. After all, this was our first crack at an honest-to-goodness S-Line Subaru outside of Japan, and considering they only imported a namesake 209 units, this may be our last time to sample what happens when Subaru Tecnica International (STI) really rolls up its sleeves.

For the many Subie enthusiasts in the States, the debut of the S209 at the 2019 Detroit auto show was a watershed moment. While Japan enjoyed the S-Line cars and the rest of the world had access to a thick roster of other special edition WRX and WRX STI models over the decades, we’ve made-do with a handful of special paint packages until the Type RA arrived in 2018.

For those die-hards, it was worth

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Want to See Classic Cars in Britain? Head to the Bicester Scramble

Goodwood Festival of Speed. The British Motor Museum, Gaydon. Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb. A track day at Silverstone. Now you can add another quintessentially British automotive experience to your bucket list: The Bicester Scramble.

The what? Think of it as a British version of Woodward Dream Cruise meets Monterey Car Week. Except this one happens four times a year and attracts more than 6,000 pre-1990 vehicles a time, ranging from classic British iron and iconic Italian supercars to Japanese rarities and glittery Americana. Along with that comes a stunning assortment of automotive oddballs and curiosities of all shapes and sizes. Oh, and it’s held on an old British airbase straight out of central casting, one that looks like it should still have Spitfires bouncing across the grass.

The Bicester (pronounced bisster) Scramble is run by Bicester Heritage, the brainchild of Dan Geoghegan, a corporate finance and venture capital specialist who

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General Motors Announces 10 New Electric Cars

Suddenly, the mid-engine Corvette seems so early 2020. This month General Motors arranged 10 all-new electric cars, trucks, and SUVs in a semi-circle inside its famous Design Dome in Warren, Michigan. There were no front grilles, as we know them, but the Chevys, GMCs, Buicks, and Cadillacs on display had plenty of character, and it would be easy to see Tesla owners ready to move on from their cars’ minimalist melted soap bar styling—that is, if they can wrap their minds around the idea of a forward-thinking automaker that was formed 112 years ago.

The ten future electric car models GM unveiled Wednesday (with no photography allowed) will roll out by 2025, including the 2022 GMC Hummer sport/utility pickup and SUV due to begin production at the automaker’s Hamtramck assembly plant in late 2021 (the Hummers are still scheduled for a full public unveiling on May 20th), and the Chevrolet

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