Spec Out Your Own Automobile All-Star with These Coloring Book Pages

During our All-Stars testing, we evaluate the year’s best cars on the track and on the street, choosing the ones that speak to our souls as enthusiasts as the winners. It’s the highlight of the calendar for our staff, and we’re always trying to find ways to bring some of that All-Stars magic into our lives throughout the rest of the year. To share the enthusiasm, we give you this opportunity to take the All-Stars into your own hands with these coloring book pages of our winners.

(Re)Meet the All-Stars


However, if none of those colors tickled your fancy, now you have the chance to paint any of our winners however you’d like, even if it’s paint to sample, a classic racing livery, or a wild color scheme of your own imagining. Print any of these images for your kids (or yourself!) to imagine our 2020 Automobile All-Stars however you’d like.

If you’d rather do it digitally, head over to Instagram and check out our latest story or our “Coloring Book” highlight. When you’ve finished your masterpiece, take a screenshot, and upload your own version to social media. Don’t forget to tag us @automobilemag so we can share your work! We’re excited to see what you come up with and look forward to seeing your artistic renditions of the winners online!

Download high-res versions of each coloring page at the links below:

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