One of 51 1999 Acura NSX Zanardi Edition for sale

The first-generation Acura NSX is prized for its pure driving experience and ease of ownership. But this 1999 model currently listed on Bring a Trailer, is no ordinary NSX. It’s one of 51 Zanardi Edition models sold in the United States.

The Zanardi Edition was launched to commemorate Alex Zanardi’s back-to-back CART championships with Honda-powered cars in 1997 and ’98. The Italian lost both legs in a horrific crash during a 2001 CART race at the Lausitzring in Germany. He eventually found his way back into the cockpit, including an appearance at the 2019 24 Hours of Daytona with BMW.

Zanardi Edition models are distinguished by New Formula Red paint, stiffer suspension, and a fixed roof in place of the targa roof on other 1999 NSX models. A mid-mounted 3.2-liter V-6 produces 290 horsepower and 224 pound-feet of torque, which is sent to the rear wheels through a

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Monthly Update for September 2019

2017 Honda CR-V: Monthly Update for September 2019

by Will Kaufman, Content Strategist and News Editor

Where Did We Drive It?

Do you like fun facts? Josh Sadlier, director of content strategy (and my boss), likes fun facts. After all, he went to Harvard. So if you want one of Josh’s Fun Facts about the fifth-generation Honda CR-V, read this update! I’m going to bury it at the end so you don’t have a choice but to soak in all the other sweet content on offer.

That other sweet content mostly revolves around the touchscreen’s ongoing meltdown. You know, the kind of thing you might want to read about if you’re considering buying a CR-V.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
High drama! Our 2017 Honda CR-V’s fuel economy edged down one-tenth in September to 27.5 mpg. Life in traffic + turbocharged motor + climate-change-induced heat waves =

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12 Great Car Books to Read in 2020

They say boring people are always bored, but these days, it’s easy to run out of stuff to do at home—even if you sell beer for Dos Equis. We’re here to help with this list of the some of the best automotive books around. Some leap from (or onto) the pages of pop culture, while others are ripped from history—but no matter which you start with, our list should keep at least the next few weeks of stay-at-home boredom at bay.

Sometimes the best motorsports stories are the ones you’ve never encountered before, and Irish racer Tommy Byrne fits the bill, and then some. He was (and is) immensely naturally gifted, and he won the 1982 British Formula 3 championship, and just barely—and briefly—made it to Formula 1, among other accomplishments. But it’s his rough-and-tumble semi-wild beginnings, no-bullshit attitude, and no tolerance for the politics of European racing and racing

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Did the Mazda RX-7 or Mitsubishi Eclipse win the race in “The Fast and the Furious?”

“The Fast and The Furious” is all about street racing, and the first race we get to see in the 2001 cult classic is a four-way shootout between a Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Honda Civic, and Acura Integra. As with all movie car scenes, the outcome of the race was determined by the script. But which car would have won in real life?

Craig Lieberman was a technical advisor on “The Fast and The Furious,” supervising the cars. He’s made a series of YouTube videos with behind the scenes details, and this time he discusses that first race.

Figuring out which car was really the fastest isn’t as simple as it might seem. That’s because the real-life cars were a bit different than how they were depicted on screen.

Unusually for a Hollywood production, most of the cars were rented from owners (the Toyota Supra that shows up later in

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Versatile SUVs: Why Honda Leads the Pack

What’s New
The Honda CR-V carries over into the 2019 model year with no significant changes. It’s part of the model’s fifth generation, which was launched for 2017. That overhaul a couple of years ago brought upgrades that made a great SUV even better. The CR-V benefited from styling enhancements that gave it a bold, stunning new look. 

Even more improvements are in store for the CR-V for the 2020 model year. The Honda Sensing® suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies will be standard across the entire model line, and the crossover benefits from updated exterior styling. Best of all, a new hybrid variant is set to join the lineup. All non-hybrid models will be powered by the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that was previously offered solely in EX and above trims.

What’s Good
Honda’s CR-V offers 40.4 inches of second-row legroom. That’s more room than you’ll get with rivals such

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5 Reasons Why Camping in a Van Is Just the Best

Want to go camping but don’t want to get wet, freeze to death, or be eaten by a bear or other large predator? If you said “yes” to one or all of the above and don’t have room in your driveway for a travel trailer or a bus-sized RV, then camping in a van is definitely for you. Reasonably sized, (relatively) affordable, and definitely not tents, camper vans are roaring into fashion as go-to accessories for adventure seekers. (Cheap options exist, or feel free to spend judiciously for an fully kitted off-road camper that can take you anywhere—either way, we can help you pick!) To show you why, we’ve rounded up our favorite reasons to go camping in a van, “roughing it” while still on four wheels.

1. The World is Your Campground

Let’s face it: A tent is acceptable if you’re holed

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