Jay Leno shows off his all-original 1957 Imperial

Cars may seem big today, but they were absolutely massive back in the day. Case in point is this early Imperial which was showcased on a recent episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

It’s from 1957, which was the first year for the second-generation Imperial. Sure, there were many earlier Imperials, but these were Chryslers. Starting from 1955, Chrysler made Imperial its own brand and it lasted as a standalone brand right up until 1983.

Unlike many cars from the era, Leno’s Imperial is an all-original example. Yes, that’s the paint the car left the factory.

The engine is a Hemi 6.4-liter V-8, i.e. the hot-rodder’s favorite, and according to Leno’s it’s putting out around 325 horsepower.

Interestingly, this particular year for the Imperial saw the nameplate reach its zenith, at least in terms of sales. According to Leno, 36,000 of them were sold. It was well short of Cadillac’s

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Take a Trip Through Time With These Archival Ford Mustang Photos

We love diving deep into photo archives and dredging up some rarely seen historical images of some of the world’s most legendary cars. We’ve pulled some seriously cool archival stuff from Mazda, the Land Rover Camel Trophy, and Isuzu, but we figure it’s high time to dive into some pure Americana. Considering the fact few cars have made a cultural impact quite like the Ford Mustang, we scoured archives for some seriously cool historical images of Ford’s Pony Car in some period-correct action. We highlight a few of our favorites below, but make sure you check out the full gallery at the end.

Press debut of the Mustang at the World’s Fair

Ever wonder what the scene looked like when the Ford Mustang rolled in front of the press’ cameras for the first time? Well, wonder no more.

1964 World’s Fair Attendees Ride in the Brand-New

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