Update for compact crossover with a light touch

If you need another reason to fast forward to next year, perhaps VW has one for you.

The 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan that appeared Tuesday was unveiled more than a year before it arrives in the U.S., leapfrogging the 2021 Tiguan that hasn’t arrived yet. (If you’re wondering why, it’s because orders for the European version are open and Americans have little patience, apparently.)

When it finally gets here, the new Tiguan will sport VW’s latest and greatest infotainment system, new touch controls, and a slightly reworked exterior. Don’t hold your breath for a Tiguan R in the States any time soon. Execs from VW poured cold water on that idea early and often, although proponents of a hotter crossover are pushing hard behind the scenes to bring it to the U.S., according to brand officials.

In the meantime, we’ll make do with a 2.0-liter turbo-4 Tiguan that pushes

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Plan Your 4th of July Car Shopping With These Discounts

You can find good deals on a new vehicle this Fourth of July weekend, whether you’re looking for a family-friendly sedan, well-rounded SUV, do-anything pickup truck or relaxing luxury cruiser. Here are some discounted vehicles that we think are worth a look if you’re doing some holiday shopping and the kind of discounts you can expect to see.

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Chevrolet Impala: History, Generations, Specifications

Chevrolet Impala Essential History

The storied Impala nameplate first appeared on a concept car shown at the 1956 Motorama, General Motors’ self-produced car show. Effectively a five-seat hard-top Corvette, it seemed fitting to name it after the impala, a gazelle that can leap up to 30 feet at a stretch.

Impala: The Beginning

The production Impala premiered in 1958 as the Bel Air Impala, the top-line model of the full-size Chevrolet lineup. (This was at a time when model names were treated more like trim levels.) Engine choices ranged from Chevy’s thirties-era 145-hp six to an all-new 348 cid (5.7L) V-8 producing up to 315 hp. The new Impala was opulent (and expensive) enough to make critics question whether Chevrolet could still be considered a low-price car.

Impala SS Launched

The Impala became a stand-alone model for 1959. In 1961 Chevy introduced the Impala SS, with power choices including the

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